California Dreamin…except Northern California.

May 3rd, 2012

May 3rd, 2012

Only portions of California and a spec in South Dakota even reach the 9 on the perfect weather index tomorrow May 3rd, 2012. Areas around Bakersfield (mainly on the west side of the San Juaquin Valley) will see the best weather in the nation. And as I mentioned, one tiny area around Oelrichs, South Dakota gets to a 9. Certainly not a bad day around Philadelphia or the mountainous areas of the Southwest. By far the worst weather will be found in the southwest part of Oregon and Northern California. Brookings, Oregon is expecting 1-2″ of rain and gusty winds. Hot humid and windy from west Texas to Chicago makes for low perfect weather scores.

I changed the map projection to Albers Equal Area Conic if any GIS nerds are interested. I also noticed the scale has been changing based on the top score. It should always read 1 to 10.


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