Neither Coast Nor Desert

May 4th, 2012

May 4th, 2012

Southern California is living up to its reputation of perfect weather this week with a string of excellent days, though nothing with a perfect 10. A narrow strip of 9’s appear on the map from San Bernardino south to Hemet, California. This is away from the coast where fog and clouds will persist longer and keep temperatures in the 60’s, but not so far inland to the deserts where it will be above 90 degrees.

Outside of Southern California, not much above PWI 8, except in the foothills SW of Denver, Colorado. There is a small area of PWI 9 around Indian Hills, Colorado. Why the foothills and not in Denver proper? Highs in Denver will go above 80 degrees, slightly warm for my taste.

I altered the color scale to give it more contrast and make it easier to read.


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