Spring Has Sprung

May 9th, 2012

May 9th, 2012

Kind of a shock to see so much beautiful weather across the nation tomorrow, May 9th, 2012. Almost everyone will enjoy some of the best weather of the spring! The notable exceptions will be Maine (mean 4.1) where a very rainy storm will linger another day, and portions of Michigan (mean 4.8) where some showers and breezy conditions can be expected. From Kentucky to California and North Dakota to Texas, widespread PWI 8’s and 9’s. In fact, almost the entire state of Kansas will be a PWI 9 (mean=8.98). The mean for the nation is 7.2 which is well above anything I’ve seen yet.

Getting a 10 was harder than I expected so I adjusted the model just slightly in the area of cloud cover.  So now, I allow up to 25% cloud cover and still receive full points. I figure a few cirrus clouds or fair weather cumulus won’t mar an already beautiful day. Today, while there are many more PWI 10’s on the map, they only represent 0.0008% of the well over 1 million grid points. Out of the 10’s on the map, Utah has the most but few have a city in them. My pick here is Altonah, Utah. One of the largest concentration of 10’s is in southwest Oklahoma. A great one here is Acme, Oklahoma. Enjoy spring everyone!



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3 responses to “Spring Has Sprung

  1. I wish we had some of that sun! It’s been raining pretty much constantly here for weeks 🙂

  2. Cool Blog – Now please send some of that perfection up north to Canada please!

  3. Great to lose the rain! I can’t believe that ND can ever be a 9. There needs to be a scenic and entertainment part of the formula. Great blog!

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