Amazing Weather This Weekend

May 12th, 2012

May 12th, 2012

The best weather of the entire spring may be this weekend…you’re welcome Mom! The mean for the country on Saturday is a brilliant 7.4, but as I said yesterday, 7.6 on Mother’s Day. Maryland and Washington DC will see the best weather tomorrow with a mean of 9.0. After a terrible work week, Maine will finally recover with some great weather this weekend (mean 7.1). Maryland may have the highest mean Saturday, but the West will have the most perfect 10’s.  The highest concentration of perfect weather will be in eastern Washington. The best pick is Lamona, Washington. A few other towns with perfect 10 scores: Sanders, Montana…Rome, Oregon…Mountain Home, Idaho…Elmo, Utah. A few showers and cool temperature give Colorado the lowest score (mean 4.8), but that’s really not too bad.

I love national parks. In fact, I was at Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho during April. The weather was perfect and the scenery was amazing.  It’s one of my favorite national parks because it’s not very crowded most of the time and it has a very unique landscape. So, I thought today I would apply the PWI to all of America’s national parks. Here are the top ten National Parks with the best weather Saturday. They all scored a PWI 9, except Sunset Crater in Arizona which scored 9.5. The lowest was Florissant Fossil Beds in Colorado with a PWI of 3.

  1. Sunset Crater  – Arizona
  2. Anacostia Park – Washington DC
  3. Antietam – Maryland
  4. Apamatox Courthouse – Virginia
  5. Baltimore Washington Parkway – Maryland
  6. Bluestone – West Virginia
  7. Cape Hatteras – North Carolina
  8. Cape Lookout – North Carolina
  9. Catoctin Mountain Park – Maryland
  10. Cedar Creek & Belle Grove – Virginia


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5 responses to “Amazing Weather This Weekend

  1. What a totally cool blog and a great idea for one. Who said no one ever does anything about the weather? Now someone has! I love it! I’m a self professed weather geek (as well as a gardener and bug and weed geek–but then again, all those things sort of go together). You’ll love my husband’s nickname for me: weather maven of doom! I’m the one always telling him we can’t take the convertible because it’s going to rain. Way too many instability showers this May! I’ll be looking forward to the hot, dry days of July.

  2. jenntenhaaf

    Ah! I love to see Michigan that perfect orange-y shade. Perfect weather this weekend, indeed!

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