What You See Today, Is What You Get Tomorrow

May 18th, 2012

May 18th, 2012

Very similar forecast tomorrow as today. By far the best weather will be along the East Coast from southern New England south to North Carolina. South Central Washington and portions of California will also see nice weather. Very little perfect 10’s, but a small cluster in Washington. Best pick here will be Royal City, Washington. Clinton, California will also be a perfect 10 tomorrow. Some showers and cool temperatures in the Northern Rockies makes for some low PWI numbers, especially in the higher terrain. Too hot and windy in the Midwest for my taste. The national mean is down again slightly to 6.6.



  1. Delaware 9.0
  2. New Jersey 8.9
  3. Connecticut 8.8
  4. Maryland 8.8
  5. Virginia 8.6


  1. Nebraska 5.5
  2. Kansas 5.6
  3. Montana 5.7
  4. South Dakota 5.7
  5. Texas 5.8

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