Nice Weather Takes A Break

May 23rd, 2012

May 23rd, 2012

The national Perfect Weather Index dips to 6.0 tomorrow. Rain and cold temperatures in the Northwest, and heat and high winds in the Midwest push the mean to the lowest point in weeks. Michigan is the place to be, but only with a rather low mean of 8.5. You can see on the map the heat and wind transported north to the Minneapolis area, followed closely by a cold front and nicer temperatures in the Dakotas. Much of California looks pretty good as well, apart from the desert areas. Only 135 perfect 10’s tomorrow out of 1.3 million, all of which are in California. My pick of the day will be Rancho Santa Marga in Southern Cali, though there may be a little fog early in the day. That will just help keep the temperatures right where they should be later in the day.

     Best                      Worst

1. Michigan          1. Idaho
2. Maine                2. Washington
3. Indiana             3. Oregon
4. Vermont          4. Wyoming
5. New York        5. Montana


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