Definition Of Perfect Weather

Lake Champlain, Vermont

Lake Champlain, Vermont

We enjoyed a nearly perfect weather day here in Vermont today! While it did get a little warm for my taste (low 80s), it did confirm what the maps have been showing. I would certainly rate it a 9 out of 10. Winds were light, but enough of a breeze to keep the air circulating. Very few clouds except a few puffy cumulus. The humidity levels were pretty low today as well keeping things comfortable. Unfortunately, as the day wore on, smoke from wildfires in Ontario, Canada drifted in and made the sky fairly hazy. All in all though, a spectacular day here in New England. Hopefully the weather where you are this weekend is just as good!



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8 responses to “Definition Of Perfect Weather

  1. Do not see Virginia on your maps…the sultry place from June through mid-September! Nice to meet another weather watcher! 😉

  2. Too bad the perfect average temperature places (75 degrees) are too expensive to call home!

  3. Beautiful scene on Lake Champlain, looks very inviting and relaxing. Those puffy white clouds add to the beauty of that deep blue sky. Nice photo.

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