Excellent Weather In The Hooiser State Tomorrow

May 30th, 2012

May 30th, 2012

Not a bad weather day expected across much of the nation with the notable exception of South Dakota where rain, wind, and cool temperatures will keep the Perfect Weather Index down to a mean of only 3.1. Indiana will see the best weather in the nation tomorrow (mean 8.2), but no perfect 10’s. The highest concentration of perfect 10’s tomorrow should be in Nevada in the higher elevations. My pick of the day is Lamoille, Nevada. A few other perfect 10’s also in the West scattered in the mountains of California, and near Erda, Utah. Heat and humidity are really starting to take toll on the index across the South from Texas to Florida.


Best                       Worst

1. Indiana          1. South Dakota
2. Nevada          2. Mississippi
3. Illinois           3. Oklahoma
4. Oregon          4. Florida
5. Ohio                5. Texas


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