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Too Hot In The Eastern Third Of The Nation

Friday June 29th, 2012

Friday June 29th, 2012

The Perfect Weather Index will continue to be depressed by the summertime heat and humidity tomorrow east of the Rockies. The mean for the nation is down to 6.5. The best weather Friday will be in Idaho, but with only a mean of 8.1. The number of perfect 10’s is down to only a few hundred, most of these are in Idaho and California. One pick in Idaho is Obsidian. In California, I would recommend Bodie or Adams. The worst weather will be in Delaware, but not because of rain…but because of excessive heat and humidity. This also goes for Washington DC.

    Best                     Worst

1. Idaho                       1. Delaware
2. Oregon                    2. Kansas
3. North Dakota       3. New Jersey
4. California              4. Oklahoma
5. Nevada                   5. Maryland


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Widespread Heat & Humidity In The Midwest

June 28th, 2012

Thursday June 28th, 2012

Summer weather is really beginning to affect the Perfect Weather Index…and not in a good way. The heat, humidity, and strong winds across the Midwest keep a large part of the country below PWI 6. The mean for the nation is down to 6.8. Florida is finally recovering after Tropical Storm Debby moves offshore into the Atlantic Ocean, but heat and humidity still remain. The best weather will again be in the Pacific Northwest, but there will be about 80% fewer perfect weather scores Thursday. Overall, Montana comes out on top, but with only a mean of 8.3. Most of the 10’s in Montana occur just above the valleys and therefore, do not have towns in them, but one location that does is Jackson, Montana. Some other picks include: Joseph, Oregon and Leggett, California.
    Best               Worst

1. Montana        1. Indiana
2. Oregon           2. Illinois
3. Vermont        3. Kansas
4. Idaho              4. Oklahoma
5. New York      5. Iowa


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Outbreak Of Beautiful Weather In The Pacific Northwest

June 27th, 2012

Wednesday June 27th, 2012

After a very long period of “imperfect” weather in the Pacific Northwest, finally there will be a substantial number of perfect weather locations in that region. Overall, Oregon scores the highest with a mean of 9.0 and quite a few perfect 10’s, mainly east of the Cascade Mountains. Some of the towns with perfect 10’s include: Cascade Locks, Chiloquin, La Grande and Silver Falls State Park. Up in Washington, a couple large areas of perfect 10 west of Spokane near Grand Coulee Dam. More scattered perfect weather in California, Idaho and Montana. Some picks here include: Driggs, Idaho…Craters of The Moon, Idaho…and Hamilton, Montana. Also a few perfect 10’s in the high Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia and North Carolina.

Tropical storm Debby continues to provide Florida with the worst weather in the nation.

    Best                   Worst

1. Oregon                   1. Florida
2. Idaho                      2. Maine
3. Washington         3. Kansas
4. West Virginia     4. Oklahoma
5. Pennsylvania      5. Vermont

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West Virginia? That’s A New One

June 26th, 2012

Tuesday June 26th, 2012

Perfect weather can appear in any state. I guess that’s what I have learned from doing this blog. Tomorrow it’s West Virginia’s turn to be on top, which is a first. A number of perfect 10’s in the state as well centered right down the middle. The town of Welch, West Virginia is in the middle of all that nice weather. Michigan has a number of perfect 10’s as well, right along Lake Michigan. Muskeegon is one of the larger towns in the perfect 10 zone.

Out West there are the usual scattered perfect 10’s though there do seem to be a little more than usual. None of them occur in very populated places. Mono Lake is a big recreation spot and will a perfect 10 score tomorrow.

     Best                     Worst

1. West Virginia      1. Florida
2. Michigan               2. Washington
3. Ohio                        3. Maine
4. Virginia                 4. Kansas
5. Wisconsin            5. Nebraska

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Debby Does A Number On The Gulf

June 25th, 2012

June 25th, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby will have a big impact on the Perfect Weather Index Monday with lots of 4’s and 5’s along the Gulf Coast. The Great Lakes will enjoy a very nice day with lots of 9’s and even quite a few perfect 10’s. Wisconsin will have the highest mean on Monday with a brilliant 9.1 and the most perfect 10 scores as well. My picks in the Badger State tomorrow include: Green Bay…Marshfield…and Goodman. In neighboring Minnesota…Rossburg looks like a good pick. Eureka, Michigan is in the center of a perfect 10 bullseye as well.  Out West, only California has any perfect weather, mainly in the foothills of the Sierra’s. Murpheys, California is my pick here.

Best                Worst

1. Wisconsin       1. Florida
2. Michigan         2. Alaska
3. Minnesota      3. New Hampshire
4. Ohio                  4. Louisiana
5. Illinois              5. Georgia

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Lots Of Perfect Weather…All In The West

June 20th, 2012

Wednesday June 20th, 2012

An East Coast heat wave really takes a toll on the Perfect Weather Index Wednesday. Not much above 7 east of the Mississippi River. The West is certainly best tomorrow with more than 7,000 grid squares as a perfect 10. Some of the highlights include: Corenlius, Oregon…Bend, Oregon…Davenport, Washington…Fort Hall, Idaho…Logan, Utah…Worland, Wyoming…Lake Tahoe, California…and Eldorado Springs, Colorado. It’s also worth noting the first perfect 10 I’ve seen in Alaska in the town of Arctic Village in the interior of the state.

Overall Oregon comes in #1 with an 8.9 mean while Texas comes in last with a 5.2 mean.

    Best                   Worst

1.  Oregon               1.  Texas
2.  Washington     2.  Iowa
3.  Idaho                  3.  Oklahoma
4. Wyoming           4. Kansas
5.  Utah                    5.  Wisconsin

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Weekend Outlook: New England Continues It’s Beautiful Weather

June 16th, 2012

Saturday June 16th, 2012

This weekend looks like a great one, especially for the East Coast from New England to the Carolinas. The best weather on Saturday will once again be in New Hampshire and Maine. Lots of perfect 10’s on the map again in this area. Some of these include: Skowhegan, Maine…North Conway, New Hampshire…Concord, New Hampshire…Wallingford, Vermont…and Chesterfield, Massachusetts.

Out West, it’s a little on the warm side for many locations and this keeps the perfect 10’s to a minimum. The most will be in Idaho so my pick there is Silver City, Idaho.

I applied the PWI to beaches and National Parks Saturday. The best beach was Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Beach near Monterey, California or New Brighton State Beach near Santa Cruz, California. As I said before, warmer weather may be more preferable on a beach, but this is all I have to work with at the  moment. I might make another model just for that in the future. Applying it to a National Park works well though. Many parks came out with a PWI 9, but many are only a few grid squares because they are so small…such as Appomattox Courthouse. The largest park with a 9 was Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River. The worst weather in a National Park will be North Cascades in Washington.

           Best By State

1. New Hampshire     1. Iowa
2. Maine                         2. Arkansas
3. Delaware                   3. Wisconsin
4. Vermont                   4. Oklahoma
5. Connecticut             5. Louisiana

June 17th, 2012

Sunday June 17th, 2012

Very little change on Sunday. New England still comes out on top, finishing with an amazing weekend! This time though, New Jersey has the highest mean with an 8.9. Some perfect locations in New England include: Mercer, Maine…Bridgewater, Vermont…Pettersborough, New Hampshire…Chester, Massachusetts.

A lot of perfect 10’s in Oregon east of the Cascade Mountains Sunday. Prineville, Oregon is right in the center of that. Another pick out West is Hayward, California in the Bay Area. I should also point out a great day in the interior of Alaska Sunday with a lot of PWI 9’s appearing.


Best National Park: Delaware Water Gap
Worst National Park: North Cascades
Best Beach: Escondido Beach, California

           Best By State
Best                         Worst            

1. New Jersey                1. Oklahoma
2. Vermont                     2. Missouri
3. New Hampshire       3. Texas
4. Connecticut              4. Indiana
5. Delaware                     5. Kansas


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