Dramatic Improvement In The Nation’s Weather Wednesday

June 6th, 2012

Wednesday June 6th, 2012

The national mean Perfect Weather Index will improve dramatically tomorrow (mean 6.5) as the storm in the West loosens it’s grip. The worst weather be will confined to the mountains of northern Idaho and western Montana. The Great Lake states will continue their stretch of nice weather, though it will shift east a bit as Ohio should be the best tomorrow. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the mean for Alaska reaches 6.0 for the first time this spring! There will even be a few PWI 9’s in far northwest Alaska around Noatak.

Quite a few perfect 10’s on the map tomorrow and in some more unusual places. Most notably is an area in eastern Wisconsin. My pick of the day is Jackson, Wisconsin. Another unusual area to see perfect 10’s is in Wyoming. A large area appears at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains from Greybull to Worland. Some other perfect 10’s to mention tomorrow includes: Axial, Colorado…Helper, Utah…Hawthorne, Nevada…and Peanut, California. Yes, there’s a Peanut! Look it up.

Best               Worst

1. Ohio                 1. Florida
2. Michigan       2. Louisiana
3. Wisconsin     3. Idaho
4. Indiana          4. Texas
5. Illinois            5. Washington


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