What Does Perfect Weather Look Like?

Perfect Vermont Weather

A Perfect Weather Day In Vermont

After careful consideration of my forecast and spending many hours outside doing “evaluation”, I have decided today was indeed perfect.
The smell of fresh cut grass on a
light breeze…the puffy cumulus clouds lazily drifting through the sky…and temperatures so pleasant, anyone would call it comfortable. This all contributed to this amazing day in Vermont.

One technical detail I realized is that my GIS model of perfect weather is fairly forgiving of minor flaws. If the high temperature had been as high as 78 degrees, it would have still

Another View Of The Perfect Weather Day

averaged a perfect 10 due to rounding. So, a warm day of 75 degrees and a fair amount of humidity yielding a heat indexof 80 degrees, would still round out to a perfect 10. Any particular category could be off by two break points and still average a 10. I find this interesting, but probably nobody else does.

In any case, there was no denying today was as good as it gets…for me anyway. And it happened on a Saturday. Bonus!



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3 responses to “What Does Perfect Weather Look Like?

  1. Looks like it was a perfect weather day there in Vermont. Nice photo of the evening sky.

  2. Any chance for some perfect weather in Europe?

  3. Melissa LeGette

    These are wonderful pictures!

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