Intermountain West Is Best

Monday June 11th, 2012

Monday June 11th, 2012

After thinking more about what I posted yesterday about how the Perfect Weather Index model could be as much as two categories off and still yield a perfect 10, I decided to make some changes. Perfect weather should not come from averaging, it should come from what I strictly define as perfect. So rather than taking the mean of each of the criteria, I now sum all the point value. If it does not = 100, it’s not perfect…that is to say, a 99/100 is now treated at a 9 rather than rounded to a perfect 10. I expected less perfect 10’s on the map as a result, but there are actually more than I have ever seen. I’m not exactly sure why, but it could be that the weather is just so outstanding tomorrow.

As for the weather Monday, the West is best…mainly the Inter-mountain West. Utah comes in number one, followed closely by Nevada. New England will have another fine day, but the summer air is knocking on the door as temperatures and humidity begin to rise. Rain in the south keeps Georgia and South Carolina at the bottom.

So where are the most perfect locations? As I said there are quite a few so I’ll just throw out some select cities: Cornville, Maine…Wheatland, Wyoming…Salt Lake City, Utah…Twin Falls, Idaho…Wells, Nevada…Chemult, Oregon.

   Best                       Worst

1. Utah                            1. Georgia
2. Nevada                      2. South Carolina
3. New Hampshire     3. North Daokta
4. Oregon                       4. Ohio
5. Connecticut             5. Arkansas



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3 responses to “Intermountain West Is Best

  1. So happy I spent the day in my home state of NH So beautiful it has been since rain stopped now more is headed at us it is what makews my garden grow 🙂

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