Perfect Weather In New England Friday

June 15th, 2012

Friday June 15th, 2012

Looks like another spectacular day in store for New England Friday. That will be good for my garden and my garage sale! New Hampshire (mean 9.2) will be out Maine (mean 9.1) for the highest overall score, but this hardly fair since Maine has so much more area…part of which is cool coastline. Lots of perfect 10 location in New England including: Guerette, Maine…Gorham, Maine…Hooksett, New Hampshire…Stratton, Vermont…Florida, Massachusetts…Margaretville, New York…and Cresson, Pennsylvania.

After a long cold and wet spell in the Pacific Northwest, lots of perfect 10’s will pop up on Friday in mainly Oregon and Washington…and mainly east of the Cascade Mountains. My two picks are Madras, Oregon and Manson, Washington. I’ll also include Live Oak, California.

    Best                          Worst

1. New Hampshire       1. Texas
2. Maine                           2. Oklahoma
3. Connecticut               3. Kansas
4. Vermont                     4. Louisiana
5. Massachusetts          5. Mississippi



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3 responses to “Perfect Weather In New England Friday

  1. Yes!!! from Salem Massachusetts!!

  2. Perfect for MY SALES TOO!!!! In NH

  3. so glad I live in BOSTON…

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