Weekend Outlook: New England Continues It’s Beautiful Weather

June 16th, 2012

Saturday June 16th, 2012

This weekend looks like a great one, especially for the East Coast from New England to the Carolinas. The best weather on Saturday will once again be in New Hampshire and Maine. Lots of perfect 10’s on the map again in this area. Some of these include: Skowhegan, Maine…North Conway, New Hampshire…Concord, New Hampshire…Wallingford, Vermont…and Chesterfield, Massachusetts.

Out West, it’s a little on the warm side for many locations and this keeps the perfect 10’s to a minimum. The most will be in Idaho so my pick there is Silver City, Idaho.

I applied the PWI to beaches and National Parks Saturday. The best beach was Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Beach near Monterey, California or New Brighton State Beach near Santa Cruz, California. As I said before, warmer weather may be more preferable on a beach, but this is all I have to work with at the  moment. I might make another model just for that in the future. Applying it to a National Park works well though. Many parks came out with a PWI 9, but many are only a few grid squares because they are so small…such as Appomattox Courthouse. The largest park with a 9 was Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River. The worst weather in a National Park will be North Cascades in Washington.

           Best By State

1. New Hampshire     1. Iowa
2. Maine                         2. Arkansas
3. Delaware                   3. Wisconsin
4. Vermont                   4. Oklahoma
5. Connecticut             5. Louisiana

June 17th, 2012

Sunday June 17th, 2012

Very little change on Sunday. New England still comes out on top, finishing with an amazing weekend! This time though, New Jersey has the highest mean with an 8.9. Some perfect locations in New England include: Mercer, Maine…Bridgewater, Vermont…Pettersborough, New Hampshire…Chester, Massachusetts.

A lot of perfect 10’s in Oregon east of the Cascade Mountains Sunday. Prineville, Oregon is right in the center of that. Another pick out West is Hayward, California in the Bay Area. I should also point out a great day in the interior of Alaska Sunday with a lot of PWI 9’s appearing.


Best National Park: Delaware Water Gap
Worst National Park: North Cascades
Best Beach: Escondido Beach, California

           Best By State
Best                         Worst            

1. New Jersey                1. Oklahoma
2. Vermont                     2. Missouri
3. New Hampshire       3. Texas
4. Connecticut              4. Indiana
5. Delaware                     5. Kansas



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