Lots Of Perfect Weather…All In The West

June 20th, 2012

Wednesday June 20th, 2012

An East Coast heat wave really takes a toll on the Perfect Weather Index Wednesday. Not much above 7 east of the Mississippi River. The West is certainly best tomorrow with more than 7,000 grid squares as a perfect 10. Some of the highlights include: Corenlius, Oregon…Bend, Oregon…Davenport, Washington…Fort Hall, Idaho…Logan, Utah…Worland, Wyoming…Lake Tahoe, California…and Eldorado Springs, Colorado. It’s also worth noting the first perfect 10 I’ve seen in Alaska in the town of Arctic Village in the interior of the state.

Overall Oregon comes in #1 with an 8.9 mean while Texas comes in last with a 5.2 mean.

    Best                   Worst

1.  Oregon               1.  Texas
2.  Washington     2.  Iowa
3.  Idaho                  3.  Oklahoma
4. Wyoming           4. Kansas
5.  Utah                    5.  Wisconsin


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