West Virginia? That’s A New One

June 26th, 2012

Tuesday June 26th, 2012

Perfect weather can appear in any state. I guess that’s what I have learned from doing this blog. Tomorrow it’s West Virginia’s turn to be on top, which is a first. A number of perfect 10’s in the state as well centered right down the middle. The town of Welch, West Virginia is in the middle of all that nice weather. Michigan has a number of perfect 10’s as well, right along Lake Michigan. Muskeegon is one of the larger towns in the perfect 10 zone.

Out West there are the usual scattered perfect 10’s though there do seem to be a little more than usual. None of them occur in very populated places. Mono Lake is a big recreation spot and will a perfect 10 score tomorrow.

     Best                     Worst

1. West Virginia      1. Florida
2. Michigan               2. Washington
3. Ohio                        3. Maine
4. Virginia                 4. Kansas
5. Wisconsin            5. Nebraska


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