Outbreak Of Beautiful Weather In The Pacific Northwest

June 27th, 2012

Wednesday June 27th, 2012

After a very long period of “imperfect” weather in the Pacific Northwest, finally there will be a substantial number of perfect weather locations in that region. Overall, Oregon scores the highest with a mean of 9.0 and quite a few perfect 10’s, mainly east of the Cascade Mountains. Some of the towns with perfect 10’s include: Cascade Locks, Chiloquin, La Grande and Silver Falls State Park. Up in Washington, a couple large areas of perfect 10 west of Spokane near Grand Coulee Dam. More scattered perfect weather in California, Idaho and Montana. Some picks here include: Driggs, Idaho…Craters of The Moon, Idaho…and Hamilton, Montana. Also a few perfect 10’s in the high Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia and North Carolina.

Tropical storm Debby continues to provide Florida with the worst weather in the nation.

    Best                   Worst

1. Oregon                   1. Florida
2. Idaho                      2. Maine
3. Washington         3. Kansas
4. West Virginia     4. Oklahoma
5. Pennsylvania      5. Vermont


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