Widespread Heat & Humidity In The Midwest

June 28th, 2012

Thursday June 28th, 2012

Summer weather is really beginning to affect the Perfect Weather Index…and not in a good way. The heat, humidity, and strong winds across the Midwest keep a large part of the country below PWI 6. The mean for the nation is down to 6.8. Florida is finally recovering after Tropical Storm Debby moves offshore into the Atlantic Ocean, but heat and humidity still remain. The best weather will again be in the Pacific Northwest, but there will be about 80% fewer perfect weather scores Thursday. Overall, Montana comes out on top, but with only a mean of 8.3. Most of the 10’s in Montana occur just above the valleys and therefore, do not have towns in them, but one location that does is Jackson, Montana. Some other picks include: Joseph, Oregon and Leggett, California.
    Best               Worst

1. Montana        1. Indiana
2. Oregon           2. Illinois
3. Vermont        3. Kansas
4. Idaho              4. Oklahoma
5. New York      5. Iowa



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2 responses to “Widespread Heat & Humidity In The Midwest

  1. Hot and humid here in Kentucky. No rain in sight for our gardens.

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