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Excellent Weather For The Mountains Of The Northwest

Wednesday August 1st, 2012

Another great day in the Pacific Northwest Wednesday. Most of the perfect 10 weather occurs in the Cascades Mountains of Oregon, the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, and the Bitteroot Mountains of Montana. A few towns find their way into the perfect 10 spots including: Randle, Washington…Taft, Montana…Crescent Lake, Oregon. According to the VisitMT website: “Taft, Montana was destroyed in a forest fire from the Coeur d’Alene forests, in 1910. This mining camp once had 2,000 residents, but not so much from mining as from construction, logging, and bootlegging.”

Up in Alaska, a tale of two Alaska’s. The state will be squeezed by a storm entering from the West and high pressure over Canada. Along the border with Canada, very rare perfect 10’s appear…and even more rare, a town sits in the middle of a PWI 10. Sure, Alcan, Alaska is just a border crossing, but it does have a population of 33!

Crescent Lake, Oregon

    Best                  Worst

1. Oregon                1. Alaska
2. Washington      2. Mississippi
3.  Idaho                 3. Arkansas
4. Michigan           4. Missouri
5. Maine                 5. Nebraska


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Stormy Evening Over Northern Vermont

Stormy evening over Northern Vermont

While it was not a perfect 10 day by any stretch of the imagination here in Vermont on Sunday, it was a great evening for cloud viewing. This picture I took at sunset looking east over the Green Mountains near Bakersfield, Vermont. I had been photographing another location with limited results when I left to go home and saw this cumulonimbus in my rear view mirror. I immediately pulled over to get a better look and when I did, I knew I had to grab my tripod to get a shot. The natural scenery of Vermont makes the drama in the sky seem so peaceful.

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July Ends With The Best Weather In Massachusetts

Tuesday July 31st, 2012

While two New England states, Massachusetts and Maine, will average out to be the best weather in the nation on Tuesday…it’s the Pacific Northwest with the most number of perfect 10 locations. Most of those occur in the Cascade Mountains in areas with some elevation. I thought I might add some pictures of the places with the best weather to go along with my maps, just so the blog doesn’t get stale.

So today’s image is of the McKenzie River in Oregon. Some picks for perfect 10’s tomorrow include…McKenzie Birdge, Oregon…Detroit, Oregon…Greenhorn, Oregon…Monte Rio, California…Santa Cruz, California…Burgdorf, Idaho.

McKenzie River, Oregon  

   Best                      Worst

1. Massachusetts       1. Georgia
2. Maine                        2. Alabama
3. Oregon                      3. South Carolina
4. Rhode Island         4. Mississippi
5. Wisconsin                5. Alaska

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Pacific Northwest In Store For Spectacular Summer Weekend

Saturday July 27th, 2012

Sunday July 29th, 2012

Sunday will be ever so slightly better than Saturday in terms of the national mean, rising from 6.6 to 6.7, however the number of perfect 10’s drops from over 1,500 to just over 500. The Great Lakes, mainly Lake Huron and Lake Superior will see a large number of perfect 10’s on Saturday, but those will disappear on Sunday. Only the higher elevations of the West Coast will see any perfect weather Sunday.

Some picks for Saturday include: Marquette, Michigan…Crisp Point, Michigan…Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan…Point Beach State Park, Wisconsin…Oakridge, Oregon…Mckenzie Bridge, Oregon…and Costa Mesa, California.

Picks for Sunday: Lucerne, Washington…Freedom, California…Grant Grove, California.

This will be another spectacular weekend in the Pacific Northwest, with Oregon and Washington both reach the top of the list this weekend. If you’re camping under the tall fir trees, lucky you!

South Carolina appears twice on the bad list this weekend due to the terrible heat and humidity along with afternoon storms.

             Saturday                                             Sunday

    Best                 Worst                            Best                          Worst

1. Oregon               1. South Carolina         1. Washington          1. Kansas
2. Michigan           2. Georgia                     2. Oregon                  2. Oklahoma
3. Washington      3. Kansas                       3. New York             3. Missouri
4. Wisconsin         4. Louisiana                  4. Pennsylvania       4. South Carolina
5. Idaho                  5. North Carolina        5. Idaho                     5. Georgia

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Relief For The Upper Midwest

Friday July 27th, 2012

Finally some nicer weather expected for the Upper Midwest on Friday. Minnesota comes out on top with a very nice 8.5 mean…followed closely by North Dakota. Overall the mean for nation is up to 6.5. Searching for perfect weather locations, only a a few to be found in northern Minnesota around Arnesen. Otherwise, all the perfect 10’s will be in California and Southwest Oregon. A couple of picks include Myers Flat, California and the mountains above Santa Barbara.

    Best                      Worst

1. Minnesota               1. Alabama
2. North Dakota        2. Mississippi
3. Iowa                          3. Delaware
4. Oregon                     4. New Jersey
5. California                5. South Carolina

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Rocky Mountain High…Perfect Weather Index

Thursday July 26th, 2012

It’s a tie for best weather in the nation Thursday between Montana and Wyoming. Both will be an 8.1 PWI. A bad day expected in Ohio with widespread severe thunderstorms expected. Most of the perfect 10’s will be along the immediate West Coast in Washington, Oregon, and California…though a few will be found in Montana and Wyoming. A string of perfect 10’s will extend along the I-5 corridor from the border of Canada south through Bellingham to Everett and Lynnwood in Washington. More perfect weather around Mt. St. Helens and even portions of the Olympic Mountains. The higher elevations of Oregon also gets into the 10 category around Government Camp in the Cascades and Sunset Summit in the Coast Range. Perfect 10’s will also be found just east of the California Coast around Guerneville as well as further down the coast just above Santa Barbara. Alaska will be split in half from west to east by good/bad weather.

    Best                                   Worst

1. Wyoming (by 0.001)            1. Ohio
2. Montana                                   2. Indiana
3. Washington                             3. Kentucky
4. Oregon                                      4. Oklahoma
5. North Dakota                         5. Missouri

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Great Summer Weather In The Pacific Northwest Tuesday

Tuesday July 24th, 2012

Tuesday looks like a great day in the Pacific Northwest, especially in the mountain areas. The valleys will be nice too but a little warm with highs in the 80s. There are more than 2,000 grid squares of perfect weather in the Pacific Northwest tomorrow. A few locations with perfect weather include: Elbe, Washington…Cle Elum, Washington…Zig Zag, Oregon…and Santiam Pass, Oregon.

Another brilliant day along the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan. A couple picks here include: Lake of the Clouds and Eagle Harbor.

The nice weather up in Alaska could not last long and is easily the worst weather in the nation tomorrow.

    Best                  Worst

1. Oregon                1. Alaska
2. Washington      2. Oklahoma
3. Idaho                   3. Maryland
4. Michigan            4. Virginia
5. Vermont             5. Delaware

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