Best Weather Tuesday In Vermont

July 10th, 2012

Tuesday July 10th, 2012

Sorry folks…back after an unforeseen absence. Returned to find amazing weather here in Vermont after a heat wave. Tomorrow looks amazing still with a mean of 8.9 in the Green Mountain State. A few perfect 10’s in Vermont as well, mainly in the Green Mountains. Shrewsbury is one town which achieves perfection. The rest of the perfect 10’s are all in the Pacific Northwest, almost exclusively in the Cascade Mountains. Some picks here are Cherryville, Oregon…Lyndon, Washington…and Gold Bar, Washington.

The mean for the nation is a somewhat low 6.6 due mainly to the terrible heat in the South.


   Best                      Worst

1. Vermont                  1. South Carolina
2. New York               2. North Carolina
3. Michigan                 3. Texas
4. Massachusetts      4. Alabama
5. Maine                        5. Louisiana


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One response to “Best Weather Tuesday In Vermont

  1. I’ve never been to Vermont, but I bet it’s beautiful. Thanks for visiting my site!

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