New England Continues It’s Great Weather Wednesday

July 11th, 2012

Wednesday July 11th, 2012

The New England states have had a streak of great weather the past few days and this will continue tomorrow. Today’s best was Vermont, but tomorrow will be Maine’s turn with a mean of 8.9. A cluster of perfect 10’s will occur right in the middle of the state from Kokadjo to Greenville. A few 10’s also appear in the northern parts of New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. A streak of perfect 10’s show up along the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin from Clay Banks south to Manitowoc. Out West, Washington and Oregon continue to look great with scattered perfect 10’s in the Cascade Mountains. Very few towns make it into a perfect 10 out West but some close spots include Sudden Valley, Washington…Rhododendron, Oregon and around Mt. St. Helens in Washington.

    Best                       Worst

1. Maine                         1. Alabama
2. Vermont                   2. South Carolina
3. New York                 3. Mississippi
4. New Hampshire    4. North Carolina
5. Rhode Island          5. Georgia


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