Perfect State And National Park Weather

July 12th, 2012

Thursday July 12th, 2012

Oddly, Thursday looks like a great day at many parks. The highest state mean will be back in Vermont again, but with only a few perfect 10’s. One of the perfect 10’s will be at Underhill State Park at the foot of the Green Mountains. Some other perfect 10’s show up in Wisconsin at Point Beach State Park along Lake Michigan and at Outer Island which is part of Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. The most 10’s occur in Washington State tomorrow and a few towns fall in these spots. One is Blaine, the last town before going over the border to Canada on Interstate 5. In the San Juan Islands of Washington, Friday Harbor will be perfect as well. Again though, most perfect 10’s are in parks such as North Cascades National Park…Mount Rainier NP…and Olympic NP.  In Oregon, a few spots around Mt. Hood including Welches and White River appear as 10’s. So which National Park will have the best weather tomorrow? Apostle Islands…see the list below.

   Best                        Worst                         Best National Parks

1. Vermont                    1. Mississippi                    1. Apostle Islands
2. Rhode Island           2. Alabama                        2. North Cascades
3. Massachusetts        3. Florida                            3. Mount Rainier
4. New Hampshire     4. South Carolina           4. Boston Harbor Islands
5. Michigan                    5. Georgia                         5. Cape Code Seashore



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2 responses to “Perfect State And National Park Weather

  1. Awesome. Now if I could just get to one of those parks by tomorrow…

  2. Good luck! I’m lucky enough to live near the one in Vermont.

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