Summertime Heat Dampens Perfect Weather Index

July 13th, 2012

Friday July 13th, 2012

Nice weather will take a break across the country Friday as summertime heat plagues the Perfect Weather Index. New England will continue to be the best in the nation, but the overall mean is slipping as temperatures rise. New Hampshire will be the best, but with a mean of only 7.9. The national mean is down to 6.3. Only 19 grid squares in the entire nation can be called perfect on Friday…all of which are on the West Coast. The nearest town to a perfect 10 is between Monterio and Guerneville, California. A few also show up in the Coast Range of Oregon west of Salem (my hometown btw). Hopefully the weekend will show some improvement.


   Best                          Worst

1. New Hampshire       1. Alabama
2. Vermont                     2. Mississippi
3. Connecticut               3. Florida
4. Oregon                         4. Tennessee
5. Rhode Island             5. Georgia


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