No Rain In Maine

Friday July 20th, 2012

Another stunning day on tap for New England Friday. Almost the entire state of Maine will bathe in PWI 9’s or better making it the highest in the nation. A few perfect 10’s in the state include: Long Pond…Booth Bay…Sedgwick…and Trenton. Next door in New Hampshire a few perfect 10’s in the extreme northern part of the state around Pittsburg and Dixville Notch (site of the very first votes on election day). More gorgeous weather expected in the UP of Michigan along the shores of Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Some picks here are: Presque Isle…Cedarville…Mackinac Island…and Au Sable Point.

Quite a few 10’s out West Friday as well…mainly in Northern California and Southern Oregon. In Oregon my pick is Howard Prairie and in California it’s Maple Creek.

   Best                           Worst

1. Maine                            1. Mississippi
2. New Hampshire       2. South Carolina
3. Vermont                      3. Georgia
4. Michigan                     4. Alabama
5. Oregon                          5. North Carolina



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4 responses to “No Rain In Maine

  1. So excited that of all 50 states – I am actually in MAINE! (And it is beautiful 🙂

  2. we’re pretty close to a ten here in Salem, MA today! Much, much better than yesterday!

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