Bridgeville, California A Perfect 10 This Weekend

Saturday July 21st, 2012

Sunday July 22nd, 2012

There’s no doubt New England will see the best weather in the nation on Saturday. Widespread PWI 9’s and 10’s from Caribou, Maine south to Providence, Rhode Island! Southwest Oregon will also see some fine weather Saturday and Sunday and will probably be the best region overall for the weekend. There is, however, one location in the nation that will see a perfect 10 on both Saturday and Sunday and that is Bridgeville, California. This town is in the mountains of Northern California about 30 miles from the coast in the land of the Redwood Forest. A few other picks for perfect 10’s on Saturday include: Keene Valley, NY…Wallingford, VT…Hawley, MA…Curlew, WA…and Silver Falls, OR.

Sunday will not be quite as nice nationally as the mean for the nation drops from 6.5 to 6.3. New England will still see nice weather but it will be warmer than Saturday. All of the perfect 10’s will be out West mainly in Oregon and the panhandle of Idaho. Picks for perfect 10’s on Sunday include: Hope, ID…Steamboat, OR…and Howard Prairie, OR.

I would also like to point out some perfect 10’s in Hawaii…which is actually a little unusual given the high humidity there. Of course, these occur well inland in the mountains. Two picks for 10’s Sunday include: Kula on Maui and Waikii on the Big Island.

               Saturday                                                    Sunday

   Best                          Worst                     Best                        Worst

1. Vermont                      1. Louisiana                  1. Rhode Island          1. Florida
2. Massachusetts          2. Alabama                   2. Massachusetts       2. Louisiana
3. New Hampshire       3. North Carolina      3. New Hampshire    3. Mississippi
4. Rhode Island            4. South Carolina      4. Connecticut            4. Georgia
5. Maine                           5. Georgia                     5. Oregon                       5. Alabama


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  1. Thanks for the great news, I am ready for the weekend!

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