Rocky Mountain High…Perfect Weather Index

Thursday July 26th, 2012

It’s a tie for best weather in the nation Thursday between Montana and Wyoming. Both will be an 8.1 PWI. A bad day expected in Ohio with widespread severe thunderstorms expected. Most of the perfect 10’s will be along the immediate West Coast in Washington, Oregon, and California…though a few will be found in Montana and Wyoming. A string of perfect 10’s will extend along the I-5 corridor from the border of Canada south through Bellingham to Everett and Lynnwood in Washington. More perfect weather around Mt. St. Helens and even portions of the Olympic Mountains. The higher elevations of Oregon also gets into the 10 category around Government Camp in the Cascades and Sunset Summit in the Coast Range. Perfect 10’s will also be found just east of the California Coast around Guerneville as well as further down the coast just above Santa Barbara. Alaska will be split in half from west to east by good/bad weather.

    Best                                   Worst

1. Wyoming (by 0.001)            1. Ohio
2. Montana                                   2. Indiana
3. Washington                             3. Kentucky
4. Oregon                                      4. Oklahoma
5. North Dakota                         5. Missouri


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