July Ends With The Best Weather In Massachusetts

Tuesday July 31st, 2012

While two New England states, Massachusetts and Maine, will average out to be the best weather in the nation on Tuesday…it’s the Pacific Northwest with the most number of perfect 10 locations. Most of those occur in the Cascade Mountains in areas with some elevation. I thought I might add some pictures of the places with the best weather to go along with my maps, just so the blog doesn’t get stale.

So today’s image is of the McKenzie River in Oregon. Some picks for perfect 10’s tomorrow include…McKenzie Birdge, Oregon…Detroit, Oregon…Greenhorn, Oregon…Monte Rio, California…Santa Cruz, California…Burgdorf, Idaho.

McKenzie River, Oregon  

   Best                      Worst

1. Massachusetts       1. Georgia
2. Maine                        2. Alabama
3. Oregon                      3. South Carolina
4. Rhode Island         4. Mississippi
5. Wisconsin                5. Alaska


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