Excellent Weather For The Mountains Of The Northwest

Wednesday August 1st, 2012

Another great day in the Pacific Northwest Wednesday. Most of the perfect 10 weather occurs in the Cascades Mountains of Oregon, the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, and the Bitteroot Mountains of Montana. A few towns find their way into the perfect 10 spots including: Randle, Washington…Taft, Montana…Crescent Lake, Oregon. According to the VisitMT website: “Taft, Montana was destroyed in a forest fire from the Coeur d’Alene forests, in 1910. This mining camp once had 2,000 residents, but not so much from mining as from construction, logging, and bootlegging.”

Up in Alaska, a tale of two Alaska’s. The state will be squeezed by a storm entering from the West and high pressure over Canada. Along the border with Canada, very rare perfect 10’s appear…and even more rare, a town sits in the middle of a PWI 10. Sure, Alcan, Alaska is just a border crossing, but it does have a population of 33!

Crescent Lake, Oregon

    Best                  Worst

1. Oregon                1. Alaska
2. Washington      2. Mississippi
3.  Idaho                 3. Arkansas
4. Michigan           4. Missouri
5. Maine                 5. Nebraska


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