Perfect Weather For Twilight Fans

Friday August 3rd, 2012

Forks, Washington used to be a sleepy little town that was only known as the gateway to the Olympic Mountains and for its relentless rain. These days, it’s known by a much wider audience for being the location where the Twilight series takes place. On a side note, I have no interest in Twilight and my wife has serious issues with these new age Vampires that fall in love and seemingly have more emotions than regular humans. Anyway, the Forks/Quillayute area in Washington is my pick for best weather in the nation on Friday…not just because it scores a perfect 10, but because of how rain it is in the Olympic Rainforest! Many other locations in Washington score perfect 10’s Friday including: Neah Bay…Blaine…Bellingham…Lynnwood…Bremerton…Molson and many more.

    Best                  Worst

1. Washington       1. Alaska
2. Idaho                   2. Oklahoma
3. Oregon                3. Arkansas
4. Wyoming           4. Missouri
5. Utah                     5. Tennessee


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