Best Weather Saturday In The Rocky Mountains

Saturday August 4th, 2012

The Pacific Northwest enjoyed some amazing weather the last few days, but Saturday the good weather will shift east into the Rocky Mountains States. It will actually become too hot in Oregon and Washington to get much better than a PWI 7 or 8. Wyoming averages out on top Saturday followed closely by Montana. Much of the perfect 10’s appear at the higher elevations, but quite a few towns do make the list including: Cora, Wyoming…Daniel, Wyoming…Meeteetse, Wyoming…West Yellowstone, Montana…Snowbird, Utah…Basin, Montana…Blossburg, Montana…Taft, Montana…and Silver City, Idaho. Looks like an excellent day to be at Yellowstone National Park.

Alaska narrowly edges out Missouri for worst weather in the nation.

   Best                       Worst

1. Wyoming               1. Alaska
2. Montana                2. Missouri
3. Idaho                      3. Illinois
4. Maine                     4. Oklahoma
5. Washington         5. Mississippi


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