12 States With Perfect Weather

Tuesday August 7th, 2012

A wide variety of locations…all northern states of course, with perfect weather on Tuesday. This is probably the most diverse group of 10’s I’ve seen since I started this blog.

I’ll start in Maine since they will average the highest score of any state with an awesome 8.9! Almost all the perfect weather will be well inland with the exception of Camden, Maine. Tim Pond, Redington, and South Arm make up the inland best locations. Next door in New Hampshire, the town of Crawford is my pick. Over in Vermont, most of the perfect 10’s are in the south-central part of state around Killington, Shrewsbury,

Camden, Maine

Wallingford, and Tinmouth are best. In New York, a large area on the south side of the Adirondack Mountains reaches 10 including the towns of: Atwell, Hoffmeister, Sabael, Long Lake, and St. Huberts. In Massachusetts, only three perfect 10’s, two of which are on the east side of Nantucket, Island.

Around the Great Lakes, perfect weather apprears in the arrowhead of Minnesota and along the shores of Lake Superior. Picks in this region include: Mirror Lake, Michigan…Lake of the Clouds, Michigan…Isabella, Minnesota…and Isle Royale National Park.

In the Rockies, some scattered perfect 10’s at the higher elevations of the Bitteroot Mountains of Montana and Idaho.

Same thing in the Pacific Northwest…the best weather is at the higher elevations. Picks in Washington: Mt. Baker, Coldwater Lake and Yale Lake. In Oregon, a cluster of 10’s around Mt. Hood including Government Camp.

In California, a line of perfect 10’s down the spine of the Coastal Mountains. Gasquet…Bridgeville…Weott…Bull Creek are all part of the perfect weather list.

   Best                          Worst

1. Maine                            1. Alaska
2. Vermont                      2. South Carolina
3. New Hampshire       3. Louisiana
4. Rhode Island            4. Georgia
5. Massachusetts          5. Florida



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7 responses to “12 States With Perfect Weather

  1. Where does old Virginny rank?

  2. I love this ranking! Too bad I don’t live in the US right now to take advantage of it. Weather is cool, though, isn’t it?

  3. Not from the U.S.,but I do love this post.

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