Is This The Way To Pismo Beach?

Wednesday August 8th, 2012

Oregon will see the best weather in the nation but with a rather low mean of 7.9. Overall, the national mean will fall slightly, but the number of perfect 10’s will fall significantly to a little more than 100 grid squares. There will be a few perfect 10’s in some of the mountains of Western Wyoming and Northern Colorado, but the rest will be confined to Southern Oregon and Coastal California. My pick in Oregon is beautiful Diamond Lake. In California,  we have Interlaken…Morro Bay…Pismo Beach…Oxnard…Point Magu…and portions of San Clemente Island which is part of the Channel Islands. Pismo Beachby the way, was always very popular with Bugs Bunny for some reason.

Shell Beach, California (not Pismo Beach)

Alaska seems to have turned the corner in terms of nice weather. I thought perhaps it was just a bad stretch, but a lot of PWI 1’s keep appearing due to the cold rain up there. Fall seems to be beginning in the Last Frontier.

   Best                     Worst

1. Oregon                   1. Alaska
2. Michigan               2. Oklahoma
3. Wyoming              3. Georgia
4. North Dakota     4. Florida
5. Maine                     5. South Carolina



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4 responses to “Is This The Way To Pismo Beach?

  1. Bambi Lynn

    Great write-up today!

  2. That’s Shell Beach. Pismo Beach has a pier.

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