Beautiful Weather In The Badger State Tuesday

Tuesday August 14th, 2012

Bond Falls near Paulding, Michigan

Wisconsin’s weather will be about as good as it gets on Tuesday with PWI 9’s across nearly the entire state.  There will also be a few areas of perfect 10’s in the Northern Highlands including Chelsea and Rib Lake. Also, Milltown in the western part of the state will score a perfect 10. A much larger area of perfect 10’s will be found in the UP of Michigan from Paulding to Winona to Hubbell. Today’s image is of Bond Falls from Paulding, Michigan. Paulding is also known for the infamous Paulding Light…a mysterious light which appears at night and is unexplained. It has been said to be anything from ghosts, headlights and swamp gas.

    Best                Worst

1. Wisconsin       1. Alaska
2. Minnesota      2. Maryland
3. Iowa                  3. Florida
4. Illinois             4. Texas
5. Michigan         5. Delaware


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