A Tale Of Two States: Idaho Vs. Montana

Wednesday August 15th, 2012

Something a little unusual tomorrow as a cold front sweeps down the east side of the Rockies in Montana. Rain and much cooler weather is on tap and a large area of PWI 3’s and 4’s  will occur with even a few PWI 2’s in the mountains. One such location is just north of Lincoln, Montana. What’s interesting is that this location is only about 100 miles from a PWI 10 in North-Central Idaho just east of Lowell, Idaho.  Overall, Idaho will be 4th best in the nation, while Montana comes in a 40th. This is an excellent example of how terrain and mountains separate different air masses.

Across the entire country the PWI will slip a little. Ohio

Idaho/Montana Close-up

comes out on top as the best weather shifts east out of Wisconsin. A few 10’s in the UP of Michigan again, but this time a little further east around Macinac Island. Otherwise, the perfect scores will be exclusive to Idaho, Washington and Oregon. A few 10’s out West include: Red River Hot Springs, Idaho…Warren, Idaho…Clallam Bay, Washington…and Sequim, Washington (the ‘e’ is silent by the way). Sequim is an interesting place as it sits on the lee side of the Olympic Mountains, which is known as a temperate rainforest. Sequim however, because of the rain shadow, only receives about 16

Sequim, Washington

inches of rain per year…roughly on par with Los Angeles. Forks, Washington on the windward side, receives well over 100 inches per year!  Olympicrainshadow.com has an excellent breakdown of the rainfall amounts in the region.  One of the side benefits of having this sort of climate means that it’s an excellent place to grow lavender.
   Best                     Worst

1. Ohio                         1. Alaska
2. Washington         2. Oklahoma
3. Michigan               3. Texas
4. Idaho                      4. Kansas
5. West Virginia       5. Florida


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I’m a HUGE fan of watching the weather so your blog is now on my MUST list!


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