Lots Of Sunshine For Big Sky Country

Thursday August 16th, 2012

A fast moving cold front sweeping through the Northern Plains today, will bring cooler and drier air tomorrow. You can see the front in the PWI forecast tomorrow with heat, humidity and showers from Detroit to St. Louis to Dallas. Behind the front, amazingly nice weather will follow in its wake from Montana to Wyoming and across South Dakota. Nice weather in the East from Vermont south to North Carolina on Thursday. A few perfect 10’s in the East in the Adirondacks around Tahawus, New York and in the Appalachians around Minneapolis, North Carolina.

Lake McDonald, Montana

By far the most perfect 10’s will be found in Western Montana. A sample of perfect spots in Montana include: West Galcier, Lake McDonald, Lincoln, Walkerville, Lakeview, and Clancy. Outside of Montana: Burgdorf, Idaho…Cora, Wyoming…Greybull, Wyoming…Anacortes, Washington…and Manzanita, Oregon.

    Best                    Worst

1. Montana                1. Oklahoma
2. South Dakota      2. Arkansas
3. New York             3. Louisiana
4. Wyoming             4. Illinois
5. Vermont               5. Texas

For the nation, the PWI is back up to 6.7.



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