Perfect Weather Outbreak In The Midwest Friday

Friday August 17th, 2012

What a way to end the week! PWI 9’s and 10’s from Montana east to Indiana tomorrow. More than 6,000 grid squares of perfect 10 in my mind equates to an outbreak. It also tells me that the seasons are changing and the heat and humidity is losing its grip on the nation. Fall is coming folks.

Lets start in Iowa where the mean is a spectacular 9.1 Friday. Lots of 10’s will be found including: Ames, Fort Dodge, Washington and Carroll.

Next door in Minnesota, one of the largest cities ever to appear on the PWI, Minneapolis will be perfect tomorrow. Also: Chaska, Marshall, Lawndale, Downer and Moorhead.

In South Dakota, a large area of perfect 10’s in the north central part of the state including Aberdeen and Redfield.

Washington, Iowa

Out West in Wyoming…much of Yellowstone National Park will enjoy a perfect day including Old Faithful and Mammoth. Also, Wapiti, Valley, and Atlantic City.

Another great day in Montana as most of the perfect locations there today will be perfect again tomorrow. Not many towns directly in a perfect 10 as the valleys where most people live will be slightly warm…for example Butte, MT will be 84, but all the mountains around Butte should be spectacular.

Idaho is suffering through some major forest fires, but smoke is not something I can easily add to the PWI. So while many mountain locations such as Burgdorf and Sunbeam will be rated a 10, the smoke may detract from an otherwise great day.

Too hot in the Pacific Northwest for much perfection unless you’re way up at Mt. Rainer or down near Puget Sound around Port Townsend or Anacordes.

If anyone has any ideas for this blog like maps they’d like to see, more travel information, more pictures, more writing, etc etc…just let me know. I am open to new ideas.

   Best                        Worst

1. Iowa                            1. Louisiana
2. North Dakota         2. Mississippi
3. South Dakota          3. Alaska
4. Montana                   4. Alabama
5. Minnesota                5. Florida



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5 responses to “Perfect Weather Outbreak In The Midwest Friday

  1. Our skies are smoked filled….have been for days…I have been wondering where the smoke is coming FROM…maybe Idaho.


  2. Bambi Lynn

    Your reports are great, I can ‘hear’ you speaking the words as I read them. I like the pics you include, too.

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