Perfect Weather In Upstate New York; But Not For Wind Farms

Wednesday August 22nd, 2012

The nice weather has now penetrated all the way to the Deep South. PWI 7’s and 8’s south to northern Mississippi and Alabama. The mean for the nation is 7.1 on Wednesday, but the lowest in the Continental U.S. is Florida…only 5.4 which is actually not bad for August.

Essentially two regions of perfect weather to talk about. New England will have three states in the top 5 with Maine leading the way. A strip of 10’s just inland from the coast including: Perry, Whiting, Marshfield, and Eastbrook. Next door in New Hampshire: Lincoln, Easton, and York Pond score 10’s. The foothills of the Green Mountains in Vermont also score perfect with Richford, Enosburg, Bolton, and Granville 10’s. A few locations on the east side of the Adirondack’s as well such as: Altona, Saranac, and St., Huberts.

Altona, New York wind farm

Altona, NewYork is the subject of my feature today as it is quite near to me. Interestingly, and probably surprising to a lot of people, is that this areas is home to a large number of wind farms. New York is rapidly expanding is wind generation capacity and is now one of the largest east of the Mississippi River. The amount of wind farms in the US is rapidly expanding as the map below clearly shows, and they are no longer strictly in desert areas. Incidentally, My Perfect Weather Index calls for relatively light winds so not great energy generating weather for wind farms in New York.

Anyway, in the West, quite a number of perfect 10’s in Idaho, mainly in the mountains including: Calder, Golden, Red River Hot Springs, Big Creek, Warm Lake, Obsisian, Galena and Sun Valley. Also a few in Eastern Washington, but more in Oregon including Crescent Lake. Down in California: Guerneville, Shively, and Big Pine Mountain.

Best       1. Maine 2. Vermont 3. New Hampshire 4. Idaho 5. New York
Worst   1. Alaska 2. Florida 3. Arizona 4. Nebraska 5. Kansas



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