Perfect Weather For Northern Maine Friday

Friday August 24th, 2012

A very large area of perfect 10’s thrusts Maine to the top of the list on Friday. This huge area is largely in Aroostook County which is one of the least densely populated counties in the East with a population of just over 71,000 in 6,800 square miles. Aroostook County is about the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. A few towns in Northern Maine with perfect weather tomorrow: Preque Isle, Loring, Oxbow, Dudley, and Ripogenus. A few perfect 10’s on some of the capes north of Portland as well. Over in Vermont, the excellent weather continues with Morgan Center and Westmore with 10’s.

The rest of the perfect 10’s will be out West and split between California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. A sample of some of these includes: Orofino, Idaho…Cottonwood, Idaho…Cascade, Idaho…Prairie, Idaho…La Grande, Oregon…Monument, Oregon…Idanha, Oregon…Comptche, California…Guerneville, California (yet again)…Fairfax, California…Mammoth Lakes, California…San Luis Obispo, California…and finally La Conchita, California.

Since Guerneville, California has appeared at least 5 times in the last few weeks, I thought it would appropriate to feature it today. Just so you’re aware, this is not a fluke! Check here for the forecast for Guerneville and you can see why it keeps appearing. What is making Guerneville’s climate so perfect? Take a look at the map below and notice a couple of features. First, Guerneville is not on the immediate coast. Compare the forecast with Jenner, California where highs are not expected to even reach 60 degrees. Temperatures over in the Santa Rosa Valley are just a tad too warm to make a perfect 10. And last, Guerneville is surrounded by mountains which provides protection and keeps the wind down.

Armstrong Redwood Natural Preserve – California

This area is home to some amazing Redwood trees and the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve. Redwoods up to 2,000 years and grow to as much as 350 feet tall! Coast redwoods are classified as temperate rainforests and they need wet and mild climates to survive. The rainfall in Armstrong Redwoods averages 55 inches per year and the trees are often shrouded in a mystical fog that helps to maintain the moist conditions needed for the redwoods to survive.

Best 1. Maine 2. Oregon 3. Vermont 4. New Hampshire 5. Idaho
Worst 1. Alaska 2. Oklahoma 3. Texas 4. Louisiana 5. Kansas



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3 responses to “Perfect Weather For Northern Maine Friday

  1. We are having near perfect conditions also here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee (Crossville). Cool evenings and warm –but not horribly hot– days! We have lived here for 10 yrs–and have never had an August like this one. (Of course, we did have our hottest June/July ever –and had some drought… Things are better now!)

    I will enjoy your blog and Facebook since I am so interested in the weather. Have you ever done any Weather Lore stuff? I’m a southern, mountain gal –who believes in nature’s signs….

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