Isaac’s Influence Will Be Felt In South Florida Saturday

Saturday August 25th, 2012

Two main features on the Perfect Weather Index map Saturday. First, tropical storm Isaac will be heading northwest toward the Gulf Of Mexico, passing just west of Key West, Florida. So far, this looks like a pretty weak storm and land interaction with Cuba will probably keep it from gaining much strength. That being said, once it comes out into the Gulf, there could be significant strengthening. I have added the projected path of the storm to the map. This may change some over the weekend, but anywhere from New Orleans to Pensacola, Florida should be on the lookout. How does Isaac play into perfect weather? Obviously, it should be as bad as it gets but that’s not entirely the case. The only redeeming factor of a hurricane is that it knocks the temperatures down into a comfortable range. So for that max temperatures you might actually have a 8 or 9. The apparent temperature may be similar to the max temperature, so you may have 6 to 8 in that area. The rest including wind, rain, and clouds will all be a 1 for sure. So I would expect no less than about 3 or 4 on the Perfect Weather Index in the hurricane areas and in fact, far South Florida will be a 4 tomorrow as the storm approaches.

Interstate 15 near Shelby, Montana

The other thing happening tomorrow is the outbreak of perfect weather in the West. Looks like Big Sky Country (Montana) will again lead the way in the overall mean and in thenumber of perfect 10’s. Some of the more significant towns with perfect 10’s in Montana include: Shelby, Whitefish, Proctor, and Avon. Next door in Idaho: North Fork, Big Creek, Galena, and Silver City. In Wyoming: Wapiti, Story, and Sundance. In Oregon and Washington perfect 10’s show up in lower elevations than recent weeks including some of the Coast Range and portions of Puget Sound. Here I’ve got Stanwood, Clearview, Ruston, Johnson Ridge on Mt. St. Helenes…all in Washington.

   Best                     Worst

1. Montana                1. Oklahoma
2. Washington         2. Alaska
3. Wyoming             3. Arkansas
4. Maine                    4. Texas
5. Idaho                     5. Delaware



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3 responses to “Isaac’s Influence Will Be Felt In South Florida Saturday

  1. I too am watching the weather –to see where Isaac will go… Hope that he doesn’t go to New Orleans or the Miss. Gulf coast. They have had their share!!!! We’d love to get some rain from this system (nothing severe though of course)… SO–use your ‘powers’ (ha) to bring us some rain!!!!!

    We’re headed to Yellowstone and the Tetons the middle of Sept. Hope the weather is good there then.

    • I was in Yellowstone last year in September. It was amazing weather! Chilly at night…down near freezing but bright blue skies during the day and low 70s. Still amazing no matter what the weather. Hopefully it won’t snow though. : ) It certainly can. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I think our lovely rain is supposed to leave our area tonight around 8 or 9. Which is good, because I’m getting a little tired of it! Another great post!


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