Florida Not The Sunshine State On Sunday

Sunday August 26th, 2012

Isaac will continue to be the big weather story on Sunday. All of the Florida Peninsula will start to feel it’s effects on Sunday as it passes very near Key West Sunday night. It looks like now tropical storm Isaac will have some interaction with Cuba, so strengthening doesn’t seem likely today. Once it emerges into the Gulf all bests are off. Hopefully it will not grow into a monster in the Gulf of Mexico, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we have a major hurricane at landfall in the Florida Panhandle Tuesday night. So if you live in that area, don’t take a chance and start thinking about leaving.

Eagle Lake – Joseph D Grant County Park. San Jose, California

Outside of Florida, actually a pretty nice day for most of the nation. The national mean will be 7.1, but without Florida I suspect it would be a bit higher. Only a few hundred grid squares with perfect 10’s though, significantly less than Saturday. Most of the perfect weather will be along the California Coast including: Maple Creek, Whitehorn, San Jose, and King City. A few scattered perfect 10’s in the mountains of the Idaho Panhandle and Western Montana.

I would also like to point out a great late summer day in Southeast Alaska with widespread PWI 7’s and 8’s…even a few 9’s. This is a little unusual in that the rainy season is usually in full swing by now. Over the whole state the mean is a miserable 4.2 though.

   Best                    Worst

1. North Dakota      1. Alaska
2. Maine                     2. Florida
3. Minnesota            3. Arkansas
4. Montana               4. Oklahoma
5. Massachusetts    5. Texas



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5 responses to “Florida Not The Sunshine State On Sunday

  1. Hi There, Has Tennessee ever made your best list???… We are having great weather here now–although it still gets warm during the afternoons… Since I am on the Cumberland Plateau, we are usually about 5+ degrees cooler than the valley area (Knoxville, Nashville, etc.)…. You’ll have to ‘study’ the Cumberland Plateau sometime.. We do have good weather –MOST of the time… ha

    • Betsy, I’m pretty picky when it comes to perfect weather. I see the forecast tomorrow in the mid 80s for the Cumberland Plateau which is not bad, but for me, it has to fall in the range of 72-75 for a perfect 10 score. An 8 out of 10 is still nice though! I suspect that as we get closer to fall, scores in the north will drop and scores in the south will rise. Tennessee’s time is coming! Btw, I live in Louisville and made occasional trips down there. Loved Tennessee. Enjoy!

  2. I was part of the five best in Massachusetts today. It was nearly, if not, perfect here, at least an 8. Sunny, dry and warm, I love days like this!

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