Here Comes Isaac

Monday August 27th, 2012

Tuesday August 28th, 2012

After several days of difficult predictions by the National Hurricane Center, it now looks like Isaac will head to New Orleans. Ironically, it will make landfall 7 years to the day on the anniversary of hurricane Katrina. But, this is the busiest time of year in the tropics, so having a land-falling hurricane on that date is not unusual. As you can imagine, the PWI reflects the hurricane conditions expected down in the Bayou.

Elsewhere, very average run of the mill days today and tomorrow, but the Great Lake states will be the best. Wisconsin on top today and Michigan best tomorrow. A few selections of perfect 10’s include: Bessemer, Michigan and Saltese, Montana.


Best 1. Wisconsin 2. Minnesota 3. Oregon 4. Idaho 5. Washington
Worst 1. Alaska 2. Florida 3. Georgia 4. Ohio 5. Arkansas


Best 1. Michigan 2. Wisconsin 3. Indiana 4. Oregon 5. Ohio
Worst 1. Louisiana 2. Alabama 3. Mississippi 4. Florida 5. Georgia


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  1. Another outstanding weather report!! I’m passing your blog around to everyone I know!


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