Isaac Comes Ashore; New England Perfect Weather Outbreak

Wednesday August 29th, 2012

Expected Rainfall From Isaac

Isaac should come ashore early Wednesday with the usual potpourri of terrible weather. New Orleans should see the brunt of the bad weather with a foot rain expected. Yes, a foot…or even more! Meanwhile, an outbreak of perfect weather in New England, especially for northern Pennsylvania where a giant streak of PWI 10’s will be found from Erie to  Warren to Wysox. In Central New York: Erwinds, Townsend, Mapleton, and Marysville to name a few. Also a large area in the Hudson Valley of New York from Ticonderoga to Saratoga Springs to Tray and Catskill. A lot of 10’s  in New Hampshire including Rye,  Jaffrey and Northwood.

Out West, perfect 10’s mainly scattered through Southeast Oregon and few in California. In Oregon: Bly, and Lorella, Merrill. In California: Monte Rio, San Rafael, Piedmont, Santa Cruz, Ventura, Santa Monica, and Imperial Beach.

Eerie, Pennsylvania

Best 1. Connecticut 2. Pennsylvania 3. Massachusetts 4. Rhode Island 5. New York
Worst 1. Louisiana 2. Mississippi 3. Alaska 4. Florida 5. Georgia



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3 responses to “Isaac Comes Ashore; New England Perfect Weather Outbreak

  1. Good Stuff I swear we are enjoying the best summer in years

  2. Thanks for the update. Better than the weather channel.

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