Effects Of Isaac Just Beginning

Thursday August 30th, 2012

Isaac will weaken now that it is over land, but the effects are really just beginning. Rain will spread north as it moves inland and the perfect weather index will be quite low along its path the next few days. Thursday, Louisiana will still be the worst as a foot of rain is expected. This will expand north to Arkansas and Missouri which could actually use rain as they have been on the edge of the severe drought over the Midwest. Too bad the storm could not have taken a little more westerly track into the worst drought areas. You can see from the map below that this rain will be very beneficial to a few places.

There will be some good weather to talk about tomorrow as well. Not much in the East except a few mountain locations in West Virginia near Durbin. A few perfect 10’s in New Mexico for the first time that I can remember this year. One town here is Alto, New Mexico. The majority of the perfect weather will be in Montana including: Sandy, Whitefish, Quigley, Virginia City, and Basin. Next door in Idaho, a lot of great weather as well especially in the northern part of the state including: Elmira, Coolin, Sand Point, and Kellogg.  Scattered perfect 10’s in Washington, Oregon, and California as well.

Best 1. Montana 2. Connecticut 3. Oregon 4. Pennsylvania 5. Idaho
Worst 1. Louisiana 2. Mississippi 3. Alaska 4. Arkansas 5. Alabama



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5 responses to “Effects Of Isaac Just Beginning

  1. What is going on in Alaska? Please don’t say SNOW lol

    • In the mountains certainly yes, but mostly a very cold and heavy rain. Highs in the 40s. NW Alaska has had a lot of flooding in the last week or two. Snow is not far away though.

      • Thanks know some Gold Prospectors up there who will need to batten down the hatches and some Skiers who will be getting excited lol just hope it looses it’s way as it travels east OCT snowstorms for me are not fun in NH

        Loving all our beautiful summer days we had made up for nasty snow years and all that flooding!

        Praying for the south

        Thanks again

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