Isaac Penetrates Deeper Into The Mississippi Valley

Friday August 31st, 2012

Isaac will continue to drift northward up the Mississippi River bringing heavy rain and general misery to the south…and now parts of the Midwest. With the wind dying out, the lowest on the map is now a PWI 3, which is still pretty ugly weather.

The Pacific Northwest will have an excellent late summer day Friday with lots of perfect 10’s. Oregon will have the highest mean with 8.4 and the majority of perfect 10’s. These will be found at mainly locations with a little elevation such as the Cascades or the Coast Range. One area near Portland will be Clackamas and Oregon City. Also, Sheridan, Burnt Woods, Crescent Lake, Hills Creek Reservoir, and Marion Forks. Up in Washington: Mazama, and Curlew. Scattered 10’s in Northern Idaho and Northwest Montana. Down the California Coast a number of 10’s appear including: Bull Creek, Philo, Los Altos Hills, and Day Valley.  Yesterday, I talked about an area in south-central New Mexico with 10’s and that will persist again tomorrow around Cloudcroft. Also worth mentioning is two strips of 10’s right along the shore of Lake Superior including: Gran Marais and Tofte, Minnesota. On the Michigan side: Lake of the Clouds and Ontonagon.

Alaska is rapidly going downhill to fall with a very low mean of 3.6 and more than 3,000 PWI 1’s ! Snow above 4,000 feet in the northern part of the state. Southeast Alaska is barely hanging on to some nice weather. It won’t last much longer there either.

I know nothing about Cloudcroft, New Mexico so I thought I would feature it today. The elevation of Cloudcroft is 8,600 feet which explains why it shows up on the perfect weather index map unlike the rest of New Mexcio where it’s blisteringly hot. The picutre below shows the elevation difference from the White Sands at the bottom to the Sacramento Mountains covered in forest. It was named by Fodors in 2002 as the Number 3 Most Overlooked and Underrated Destination Spot. Tourism remains the primary economic driver of the village. It is home to one of the highest golf courses in the country called The Lodge. “As you tee off on the first hole, a 150 – foot vertical drop welcomes you onto The Lodge golf course. And that’s just the beginning. At 9,000 feet above sea level, the terrain is as challenging as it is beautiful”…at least according to their web site.

Best 1. Oregon 2. Washington 3. Minnesota 4. Michigan 5. New Mexico
Worst 1. Mississippi 2. Alaska 3. Louisiana 4. Arkansas 5. Alabama


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  1. That’s a gorgeous spot in New Mexico! I like the mountains there but as you say, the rest of it is too, too hot. Same with Arizona — I absolutely loved Flagstaff & the Grand Canyon, but you couldn’t pay me enough to go back to Phoenix. At least not permanently!

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