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Iowa: Three Times Nice Weather

Friday September 28th, 2012

As I predicted yesterday, I’m predicting Iowa to be on top for the third straight day Friday. That’s a lot of predictions but the bottom line is that Iowa is having one amazing week. Will they do it again all weekend? Doubtful, but stay tuned! I think it will actually get a little too warm this weekend, but it also depends on how bad the other states are. So, while Iowa will be the highest mean tomorrow, not nearly as many perfect 10’s in the state as today. These include: Dubuque, Garner, Fertile, and Ludlow. A much larger area of perfect weather will appear in Illinois and include: Peoria, Canton Kewanee, and Douglas Park.

Frost/Freeze Friday Morning

Out West, some fine weather as well with lots of perfect 10’s in Utah and Western Colorado including: Gateway, Eckert, and Cameo in Colorado. In Utah: Vernal,  Helper, and Lehi. Elsewhere, the Bay Area of California looks great with 10’s in San Rafael, Redwood City, Mountain View, and San Leandro. Parts of the Cascades and Coast Range in Oregon look great as well.

New England? Not so much Friday.

Hard freeze for Northern Maine and Northern Michigan.

Best: 1. Iowa 2. Illinois 3. Indiana 4. Utah 5. Minnesota
Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Massachusetts 3. New Hampshire 4. Rhode Island 5. Vermont


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Two Days In A Row For Iowa

Thursday September 27th, 2012

What’s happening in Iowa? Generally, Iowa has been a place of transient weather, alternating between good weather and bad weather. This week however, Iowa has been a model of tranquility and perfect weather. This will continue tomorrow as Iowa tops the list for the 2nd day in a row…and I expect it to be in the top 5 through the weekend! An area of high pressure is stuck over the Upper Midwest, which puts Iowa and a few other states in the sweet spot.  Thursday the western part of the state will be best with perfect 10’s in: Spencer, Cherokee, Harlan, Des Moines, and Knoxville. This area of perfect weather will extend north through Minnesota through Marshall, Montevideo, and Morris.

Frost/Freeze Areas Tonight

Out West, more great weather west of the Continental Divide. Idaho has a high concentration of 10’s including: Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Soda Springs. Futher south, some of the National Parks will see perfect weather including: Zion, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and parts of Canyon De Chelly in Arizona. A few other picks out West include: Interlaken, California…Cisco, California…Lasen National Park, California…and Welches, Oregon.

Not much happening in the frost world right now. Looks like the UP of Michigan will see a hard freeze tonight, but do they really care?

Best: 1. Iowa 2. Idaho 3. Washington 4. Minnesota 5. Nevada
Worst: 1. Florida 2. Texas 3. Oklahoma 4. Colorado 5. Arkansas

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Beautiful Weather West Of The Continental Divide

Wednesday September 26th, 2012

Another nice day across the country but the mean has been decreasing since peaking at 8.0. Tomorrow will see a mean of 7.4, held down in part by cool and showery weather in New England and Colorado. There will certainly be a lot of perfect weather though despite those area. The best will be in an area from North Dakota to Chicago. Perfect 10’s will pop in Huron, South Dakota…Le Mars, Iowa…Boone, Iowa…and Ottawa, Illinois.

An excellent day out West Wednesday but mainly on the west side of the Continental Divide. Some choice locations includes: Pinon, Arizona…Riddle, Idaho…Lake Tahoe, California…Virginia City, Nevada…Mountain View, California…Silver Falls, Oregon…and Palisades, Washington.

South Falls – 178 feet

Today I thought I would feature Silver Falls State Park which is full of nothing but good memories for me. Now that I look back, I was lucky to have lived very near this amazing natural area…which could easily be a national park. What makes this park really amazing is not the fact that it has 10 waterfalls in only 9,000 acres, but that you can walk behind four of them! In 1926, an inspector for the National Park Service rejected the area for park status because of a proliferation of unattractive stumps. In January 2008, during the 2008 supplemental legislative session, Fred Girod of the Oregon House of Representatives sought federal designation of the area as a national park via a house joint memorial to the United States Congress, but the bill died in committee. So for now, it remains one of the greatest state parks in the country. If you ever get the chance to visit, you should!

Not much happening with frost/freeze tomorrow morning. Mostly places that have already had this season. It is epxanding in Colorado and tomorrow any area above about 6,500 feet will see a freeze, including: Gunnison, Ouray, and Aspen.


Best: 1. Iowa 2. Oregon 3. Nevada 4. South Dakota 5. North Dakota
Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Maine 3. Vermont 4. New Hampshire 5. New York


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Best Weather Tuesday In North Carolina

Tuesday September 25th, 2012

A spectacular day for the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic states Tuesday. North Carolina comes out on top with mean of 9.0 and even some 10’s in the western part of the state and along the northern coast. A few towns scoring perfect here includes:  Shawboro, Jacocks, Saint Johns, Lenoir, Woodfin, and Fontana Village. A streak of perfect 10’s will also appear from Glasgow, Montana through western North Dakota as well as northern Iowa and southeast Wisconsin including Milwaukee and Madison.

Worst weather will be in Oklahoma where it will be hot and windy ahead of an area of low pressure in the Rockies. This storm system will bring showers and cool weather to Colorado making it the 2nd worst in the country.

Best: 1. North Carolina 2. Delaware 3. New Jersey 4. South Dakota 5. Virginia

Worst: 1. Oklahoma 2. Colorado 3. Wyoming 4. Ohio 5. Missouri

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Tennessee Volunteers To Have Perfect Weather Sunday

Sunday September 23rd, 2012

A great day in the South on Sunday with a strip of perfect 10’s from Arkansas to North Carolina. Tennessee will have the highest mean with a 9.0 and a large area of 10’s along it’s southern border. This includes Memphis, but also Jackson, Henderson and Savannah. Over in Arkansas, Little Rock is a 10 as well as Hot Springs and Marianna. In Mississippi, Holly Springs and Iuka. Next door in Alabama: Huntsville, Russelville, and Bridgeport. In Georgia: Winston and Moccasin Creek State Park. In North Carolina: Statesville, Lexington, and Lawsonville.

Not quite as nice out West as it has been in recent weeks, but still a number of perfect 10’s…mainly in Wyoming. The largest area will actually be in the sparsely populated northwest corner of North Dakota including: Larson, Corinth, Keene and parts of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. In Wyoming: Pinedale, Dubois, Little America, and Sundance. Next door in South Dakota…Spearfish, Keystone, Mt. Rushmore and Wind Cave National Parks.

Widespread frost and freeze in the Midwest Sunday morning. Freezing conditions get as far south a Iowa and frost to the western suburbs of Chicago and Milwaukee.

Best: 1. Tennessee 2. Nebraska 3. Arkansas 4. South Dakota 5. North Dakota

Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Michigan 3. New York 4. Vermont 5. Maine


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Chilly Weekend For The Great Lakes

Saturday September 22nd, 2012

A very cool weather system will invade the Great Lake States from Canada this weekend. Rain and cold temperatures will provide some very low PWI scores from Minnesota to Michigan. In fact, a number of PWI 1’s appear in the UP of Michigan on Saturday.

Very nice weather will begin to exit New England Saturday but some 8’s and 9’s linger in eastern Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

The best weather by far will be in the Cowboy State, Wyoming with  a mean of 9.0 and lots of perfect 10’s. A sample of the 10’s include: Gillette, Big Horn, Jackson, Big Piney, Wamsutter, and Rawlins. Montana also does very well with Lame Dear,


West Yellowstone, Ringling and Basin all perfect 10’s. A few others out West include: Steamboat Springs, Colorado…Castle Rock, Colorado…Colton, Utah…Kneeland, California…Redwood City, California…and Big Bear Lake, California.

A big freeze expected in the Upper Midwest, mainly focused in North Dakota as the cold air begins to head toward the Great Lakes. This will extend into Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

Best: 1. Wyoming 2. Rhode Island 3. Montana 4. Massachusetts 5. Colorado

Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Michigan 3. Wisconsin 4. Minnesota 5. New York


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Best Weather In Southern New England Friday

Friday September 21st, 2012

Connecticut (9.1) and Rhode Island (8.9) make the top two for best weather on Friday. An area of perfect weather will show up from Holyoke, Massachusetts south through Hartford, Connecticut to Wolcott. Further south along the Appalachian Mountains, perfect 10’s from Pilot and Marion, Virginia…south to Topton, North Carolina and the higher mountains just east of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The Rockies will see the majority of the perfect weather Friday, especially western Wyomin including: Jackson, Grover, Big Piney, Altamont, and Kaycee. In Montana: Whitlash, Martinsdale, Monarch, and portions of Glacier National Park. A few others out West, Oakridge, Oregon…Live Oak, California…Fort Valley, Arizona…Gunnison, Colorado…and Coal City, Utah.


Not much happening on the frost/freeze front tomorrow morning. Some light frost/freeze in northern Minnesota and the mountains of the West. Also, in portions of the higher elevations of New England.

Best: 1. Connecticut 2. Rhode Island 3. Montana 4. Delaware 5. New Jersey

Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Michigan 3. Minnesota 4. Wisconsin 5. Florida


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