Northwest And Northeast Battle For Best Weather Sunday

Sunday September 2nd, 2012

Very nice late summer weather in the two northern corners of the country on Sunday with what’s left of Isaac sandwiched in between. Oregon will come out on top with a mean of 8.8 and a large portion of the perfect 10’s. In the suburbs of Portland, Sellwood, Sherwood, Sunnyside and Clackamas will be perfect 10’s. Down the coast range: Buell, Falls City, and Burn Woods will be perfect as well. Over in the Cascades: Detroit, Marion Forks, and Hills Creek Reservoir. Up in Washington: Conconully, Clayton, and Pullman. Quite a few in Idaho as well including: Hope,  St. Maries, Moscow, Reubens, and Stanley.  A line of perfect 10’s down the Sierra Nevada Mountains including: Lasen National Park,  Sierra City, Lake Spaulding, Blue Canyon, Tahoe City, Kyburz, Bodie, and Mammoth Lakes. In the Bay Area, Oakland  is one of the largest cities to make the list in a while.

What’s left of Isaac will hold the national mean down to 6.7 as parts of The South and even the Great Lakes now get the rain from the former hurricane.

My featured perfect 10 site today is Stanley, Idaho. I have a personal connection with this town as it is the first place I ever  saw a bald eagle. My family went on a long camping trip out West when I was about 13 years old.  Stanley is at the foot of the Sawtooth Range and is one of the most remote location I have been to. Anyone looking for a true Western wilderness experience should head to Stanley. It only has a population of 63 so don’t expect a lot of services.

Best 1. Oregon 2. Idaho 3. Vermont 4. New York 5. Rhode Island
Worst 1. Alaska 2. Tennessee 3. Kentucky 4. Indiana 5. Alabama



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2 responses to “Northwest And Northeast Battle For Best Weather Sunday

  1. Why Tennessee today???? We are having a gorgeous day here—sunny and in the 80’s…. BUT–we ‘may’ get some rain tomorrow—so I guess you think that rain makes a not-so-perfect day…. HOWEVER, in our case, we could use it and we want it…. SO–rain is perfect and hopefully we will get some tomorrow…

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