Perfect Weather Outbreak In The Upper Midwest

Wednesday September 5th, 2012

Generally, when there is more than 5,000 grid points with perfect weather I call it an “outbreak”. Wednesday will see four large areas of perfect 10’s in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. These are also the top three states overall as well. A few towns in North Dakota include: Valley City, Wheatland, and Durbin.  Over in Minnesota: Fergus Falls, Morris and Benson. In South Dakota:  Madison, Brookings and Eureka. The overall mean for the nation is up to 6.9 as Isaac is becoming a distant memory and cold front is sweeping through the Midwest.

A few other locations (all out West) with perfect 10’s include: Burns, Colorado…Bond, Colorado…Orogrande, Idaho…Everett, Washington…Bremerton, Washington…Crater Lake, Oregon  and Manzanita Lake, California.

Grotto Lake – Fergus Falls, Minnesota

Hawaii continues it’s depressing weather…by Hawaiian standards anyway. A mean of 6.4 Wednesday down from 6.7 today as more showers and strong trade winds continue. Alaska is in danger of having it’s mean slip below 3 (3.1 Wednesday). If it goes below 3, does that mean fall is over or beginning? I don’t know, but I do know I’m glad I don’t live there anymore.

   Best                     Worst

1. North Dakota      1. Alaska
2. Minnesota            2. Alabama
3. South Dakota      3. Delaware
4. Washington         4. Virginia
5. Idaho                      5. Mississippi



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6 responses to “Perfect Weather Outbreak In The Upper Midwest

  1. As a child I thought I wanted to live in Alaska — specifically above the Arctic circle. I had no idea what that would mean, of course. lol
    We are having nice weather in north Texas except it is warmer than I like; still in the 95-100 range when I like it 75 or below.

  2. Please use your ‘connections’ and bring us some great weather for our trip from Sept. 12-27…. We’ll visit Colorado, Wyoming and South Dekota….. THANKS!!!!

  3. Please keep good weather over our part of Colorado, just for another couple of weeks at least….we are all in the middle of harvest!


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