Perfect Weather Outbreak In Montana Friday

Friday September 7th, 2012

Wow! Almost 10,000 grid squares with perfect weather on Friday. A significant portion of those will be in Montana where the mean will be 9.0. Some of the larger towns in Montana with perfect 10’s include: Centerville, Billings, Ethridge, Ledger, and Glasgow. Down in Wyoming another large area of 10’s with Teton Village, Jackon, and Granger all perfect.
Some other locations: Sequim, Washington…Friday Harbor, Washington…Incline Village, Nevada…Bodie, California…Mammoth Lakes, California…Morgan Center, Vermont…Jay, Vermont.

Best: 1. Montana 2. Vermont 3. Idaho 4. Washington 5. Oregon
Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Oklahoma 3. Arkansas 4. Missouri 5. Illinois



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2 responses to “Perfect Weather Outbreak In Montana Friday

  1. YEAH…. Looks great right now where we are going next week… Hope that terrific weather holds up.


  2. Looks like we will be partly cloudy with 85* as the high. We are starting to cool down.


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