Stunning Weather Tuesday For The East Coast

Tuesday September 11th, 2012

Tuesday’s mean of 7.5 for the nation will be one of the highest since early summer. Most of the amazing weather will be from Maine to North Carolina, but also out in Oregon. One of the advantages of being a small homogenous state is that if the weather is good, chances are the entire state will have a high mean. This is certainly the case for Delaware which tops the list tomorrow, but the opposite can be said for poor weather days. Willmington will be squarely in the middle of a perfect 10 as well but also Andrewsville in southern Delaware. Tuesday also marks the first day I have ever seen

New York, New York

New York, New York as a perfect 10. (I tried to find a more unique image of New York) Also, many of the suburbs of of northern New Jersey will be perfect as well. In upstate New York perfect 10’s include: Binghamton, Utica, Fort Drum, Norwich and Cortland. In New England, some of the bigger locations with 10’s include: Burlington, Vermont…Hartford, Connecticut…Springfield, Massachusetts…and Concord, New Hampshire.

Out West, numerous perfect 10’s in Oregon include: Burns, Richland, Summer Lake, Crescent, and Blue River. A few others: Catnip Mountain, Nevada…Jackpot, Nevada…Pepperwood, California…Gonzales, California…Goodrich, Idaho and Eagle, Idaho.

Best 1. Delaware 2. Connecticut 3. New York 4. New Jersey 5. Pennsylvania
Worst 1. Alaska 2. Arizona 3. Florida 4. Kansas 5. Colorado



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7 responses to “Stunning Weather Tuesday For The East Coast

  1. In north Texas, we’re back into the low 90s for our highs this week, but hopefully the next cold front will stay awhile (and actually be COLD!).

  2. Big storm supposed to hit here this evening…we are madly trying to finish the beans. Almost done!


  3. Another question, do you know when our area (Delta, Colorado) might expect a killing frost?


    • I wouldn’t say a big storm, but definitely some showers around tomorrow and Wednesday. I looked up the averages and the first killing freeze (I put less than 30 degrees) is around Oct 8th. Not a continuous record in Delta as weather observers fade in and out. In Grand Junction the average is Oct 29th. Montrose which has a pretty continuous record is Oct 13th. Nothing in the next week for sure!

  4. Tennessee is PERFECT today (and will be tomorrow –and was yesterday)…. Gorgeous blue skies, very clear, temps in the 70’s (here on the plateau) and lows in the 50’s. Couldn’t be any better!

    • Betsy, I didn’t run it for today but I wouldn’t doubt it for today! Tomorrow I have 9 out of 10 for eastern TN. High temperatures will be in the low 80s which is a hair on the warm side for me which is why it doesn’t come out to a 10. Either way, it will be amazing! Enjoy!

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