Can You Spot The Cold Front?

Thursday September 13th, 2012

An incredible day on tap Thursday for much of the nation. Over 50,000 sq. miles of perfect 10’s tomorrow, mainly out West. A sharp cold front is very obvious on the map from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Amarillo, Texas.  You can see it today in the satellite image from Minnesota to Colorado. Behind the cold front, dry and comfortable weather with lots of sunshine. Some of the largest areas of perfect weather will be immediately behind the front in Nebraska. North Platte, Antioch, Norfolk and Wayne will be among the 10’s in the state. In South Dakota, Smithwick and the western part of Badlands National Park. In Montana, a large area of PWI 10 in the eastern part of the state north and south of I-94 including: Crow Agency, Glasgow and Fallon. Other scattered 10’s out West include: Evanston, Wyoming…Lake Tahoe, California…the Oregon Coast from Waldport to Rockaway Beach…Hoquium and Muckilteo, Washington…Arco, Idaho…and Park City, Utah.

Driftwood Beach, Oregon

The perfect weather will not be confined to the West as six states in the East will have 10’s as well. Most are in the Appalachian Mountains including: Black Mountain, North Carolina…Richwood, West Virginia…and Bent Mountain, Virginia. In New England: Shrewsbury, Vermont…Dixville Notch, New Hampshire…and Redington, Maine.

Best: 1. Rhode Island 2. Montana 3. Nebraska 4. Maryland 5. Vermont
Worst: 1. Alaska 2. New Mexico 3. Texas 4. Kansas 5. Florida


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One response to “Can You Spot The Cold Front?

  1. The rain here has been perfect! I’m glad we are having a cool down and then wonderful weather right behind it!


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